30 Astronomy Gifts for Big Fans of Space

June 3, 2021
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If you're looking for a gift to give to someone this holiday season, why not get them something they can enjoy and learn from year-round? We've compiled a list of some great gift ideas for the astronomy lover in your life. If you know someone who loves to gaze at the stars, you can't go wrong with one of the options below.

astronomy gifts

1. Solar System Crystal Ball

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Everyone enjoys a crystal ball now and then, but this one just happens to have the solar system inside of it. The crystal ball is made from high-quality optical lenses that magnify the images of the planets as they spin around the Sun. It also rotates like a regular spinning globe. This item comes with its pedestal and can be used for decoration or to learn about the solar system.

2. Astronomy T-shirt

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T-shirts are a great gift. They're both practical and stylish. This astronomy t-shirt is made with the world’s continents in different colors to display on its front. It can also fold flat for storage when not in use, making it highly convenient for travel or to save space in the home office.

3. Desktop Planetarium

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Desktop planetariums allow you to look at the night sky without having to leave your room. They're great for having a nightlight or as a soothing addition to a baby's room. Ideal for people with little space who still love astronomy! It projects thousands of stars onto any surface.

The planets rotate and change colors based on their position in their orbit around the sun. You have control over how bright or dim the light will be, along with how fast or slow they move across the sky.

5. Refractor Telescope

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A refractor telescope is one of the most common telescope types and is ideal for amateur astronomy enthusiasts. They use lenses to gather light and refract it into a single focused image. This telescope comes with its tripod stand, making it easy for you to set up and start using. Being able to see the planets up close is a beautiful experience, even if you're not an expert stargazer.

6. Binoculars

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Another great gift idea for anyone interested in astronomy is binoculars. These are used in conjunction with your own eyes instead of a telescope (though they also work on telescopes). These little devices are easy to take with you to a place where you can take in the night sky. Being able to see the night sky is no longer just for the experts.

7. Star Chart

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If you're looking for a gift that will enable someone who doesn't know their way around the night sky to take a closer look, choose this star chart. It provides a convenient way to do so by showing where different constellations and stars are located concerning each other and in view together, along with their names.

In addition, this item usually includes a booklet of constellation information and facts, along with an annotated map of the night sky so you know how it all relates together.

8. Solar System Bracelet

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The solar system bracelet is a stylish piece of jewelry that looks like it came right out of the science lab, but it's something you can buy. It features the planets and moons from our solar system on a stainless steel bracelet. You can keep this crafted into your everyday jewelry to show off your enthusiasm for astronomy, so people know you're a "cool" astronomer.

9. The Sky & Telescope Calendar

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This calendar is another great way to stay up-to-date with what's happening in the heavens above. In addition, it’s intended to be used as a reference guide for telescopes and other night sky-related activities, so you can always read it when you need some extra information about seasonal astronomical phenomena or events.

10. Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set

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If you're looking for the perfect gift for any chef or kitchen enthusiast, this set of Cosmos kitchen knives is the perfect fit. It includes honing steel, paring knife, utility knife, and butcher's knife; all encased in a wooden block with an astrology motif. The set also comes with double-sided sharpening steel as well as vegetable peelers and steak knives.

11. Starry Night Coloring Book

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You'll want to get the adults in your life a coloring book to keep them entertained while they're trying to find the perfect spot for their evening view of the stars. For younger fans, however, this book is also a great gift. It helps kids (or even adults) learn some basic facts about how stars are formed by outlining the steps they take from birth and what they do in the end. The back page even tells you about constellations and marks where you can find each one.

12. Star Chart Puzzle

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This puzzle lets you color all the constellations on a handmade star map that comes with it, then use a cardboard frame to hang it on your wall. This will help you learn where the constellations are based on where they are in relation to one another and their various names. Then, once you've decided on your best spot for your viewing, you'll love how easy it is to find out what time it will be best to plan out your night's sky.

13. Astronomy Wine Glasses

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A gift that's appropriate for all your guests is a set of wine glasses in the shape of different constellations. You'll have to attach a piece of string to the base for everyone to see their constellation name, as well as a chart showing where it is in relation to many other constellations. Once you've learned more about each constellation, you can use these glasses as great conversation pieces at your next party or get-together.

14. Night Sky Almanac

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The almanac begins with information regarding the various constellations and what they mean, along with studies that have been conducted on how they evolved and changed over time. It also features things like a depth chart, glossary, and trade winds. It will be an excellent gift for any astronomer or astrophile that you know.

15. Astronomy Prints

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There are plenty of beautiful astronomy-based art pieces to choose from to ensure you make your astronomer feel extra special on their big day. You can find constellation prints, star prints, and even prints featuring the planets of our solar system.

16. Astronomy Stickers

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For younger astronomers in the making, stickers are a great go-to to get them excited about the wonders of space. There are many different kinds you can choose from, and there are even some that feature specific constellations like Orion, Pegasus, and Canis Major.

17. Night Sky Stars

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If your loved one is still an avid stargazer, they'll enjoy getting some professional-looking night sky art that they can mount on their wall or set on their coffee table for people to admire. These stars come in a full range of sizes and with glow-in-the-dark materials, so you can find the one that's right for your needs and budget.

18. Space Pillowcase

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Any stargazer will love receiving a custom pillowcase with different constellations printed on them. They can choose from a line of starry pillowcases or one with black space fabric and print their favorite constellations on it to bring the stars into their bedroom in the form of a comfy pillow!

19. Astronomy Bedding Set

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If you'd like to pamper your astronomer a little more, invest in an astronomy-themed bedding set, and they will feel like the star of the show whenever they lay their tired head to rest. There are some beautiful sets available with the various planets of our solar system printed on them or even some with an artistic representation of space at night. Whatever kind you choose, they'll appreciate it.

20. Space Blanket

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An astronaut-themed blanket is always a great gift for any astronomer as no one can ever have too many blankets! It's perfect for using at night when it gets cold, too, as it has a comfy diagonally striped material that feels nice against your skin.

21. 3D Rotatable Planet Model Set

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This gift set includes a number of stunning 3D planet models, which are great for when you want to show off the beauty of our planets. It's a unique gift, and you can even create your own at home with the included instructions. It's a great addition to any desk.

22. Space Cookies

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Everyone loves cookies, but these are special because they look like space bodies! They're also incredibly delicious, so your astronomer will enjoy them just as much as you would!

23. Solar System Scarf

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A beautiful scarf with a solar system map on it is another beautiful way to celebrate our place in space, and your astronomer will appreciate wearing it wherever they go!

24. Astronomy Earrings

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A small gift that your astronomer will treasure forever, a pair of beautiful earrings like these. They're also incredibly symbolic as they represent the constellations and draw attention to our place in space!

25. Solar System Phone Case

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Give your astronomer a phone case they'll always treasure; this beautiful solar system phone case is the way to do it. It's also perfect for protecting their phone so that you can gift with peace of mind!

26. Star Chart Clothing

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A really personal gift, star chart clothing is a brilliant way to show how passionate you are about astronomy. There are loads of different designs to choose from, and you can pick one that best suits your astronomer too!

27. Astronomy Socks

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We all love socks, but these stand out from the pack as they're unique and draw attention to our place in the universe. They're also incredibly comfortable too so your astronomer will enjoy wearing them at home or out and about!

28. Star Gazing Gift Set

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A brilliant way to get your astronomer started, this gift set comes with everything they need to observe the night sky from their own home! It's also got an incredible value for money, so you won't have to spend a fortune on buying your astronomer something they need anyway!

29. Astronomy Necklace

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Another beautiful and sentimental gift, this astronomy necklace has the coordinates of our favorite planet on it too! It's a great piece to wear on special occasions, and you can always get matching earrings or another necklace to go with it. 

30. Moon Phases Clock

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A unique clock with a moon phase display is an excellent gift for any astronomy enthusiast. It's also got different astronomical features such as the sun and lunar phases printed on its face, so it's also a fantastic conversation piece.


Finding gift ideas for an astronomer is difficult, but this list aims to help you out. There are a few different categories of gifts here, so make sure to look around and see which one fits your budget and your astronomer's needs the best!

If there's anything else you can't find, let us know in the comments section below, and we'll do our best to help you find it. Happy looking!

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