26 Gifts For Animal Lovers: Pets With Love

June 3, 2021
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For those of us who love animals, it can be challenging to buy the perfect gift. After all, we're not always sure what they'll like or even how much they'll like it! This article will give you a list of animal-themed gifts that might make your animal-loving friends smile from ear to ear. Some of these are valuable gifts any animal lover would appreciate, while others are just pure fun and creative things that let the personality shine through.

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1. A Dog Treat Dispenser

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If you know someone with a dog, you absolutely have to get them this gift! It's a place where they can leave treats for their dogs and also makes dispensing of those treats pretty much effortless. This may sound a little odd or maybe even a bit nuts, but trust me when I say that it is one of the most incredible gifts you can give to animal lovers.

2. A Pet Feeder

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This is another gift for those of us who love our pets. It's a device that will allow you to feed your animals even when you can't be there with them, such as if you are out at work or sleeping in. They are also great to help people who can't get up and down as quickly as they used to. 

You can program it to dispense food on a set schedule so that your animals will always have food on time, even if you're not there, and this helps them avoid overeating during the day, which could cause indigestion or other problems.

3. A Dog Grooming Kit

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Another great tool for dog lovers is this grooming kit. This is a compact grooming apparatus that allows you to keep your dogs' fur looking great. You can use it to get rid of some shedding, trim claws, or even get rid of any mats in their fur.

4. An Animal-Proof Cat Door

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Keeping pets healthy and happy, this gadget ensures that cats can still come and go freely while you are away from home. This device fits into the cat's stable door to still come and go as they please without having to worry about breaking through anything on the outside world because they won't be able to open anything with this new device installed.

5. A Pet-Friendly Water Bowl

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This is a fun gift for cats and dogs alike. It isn't just any old water bowl, though. It's a bowl that is designed to keep pets clean while they are staying hydrated. The way this works is through a pump that keeps the water moving and flowing around so that all parts of your pet have access to fresh drinking water. 

It prevents your pets from having to drink from areas that have already been licked or otherwise contaminated, and they can stay clean while getting their hydration as well.

6. A Pet Carrier

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For the animal lover who loves long-distance travel, you should consider giving them this gift. But, instead, it makes their trips easier on both of you. This carrier is designed to fit a dog or cat comfortably. It's made from quality material, has a huge size opening, and has easy-to-use handles that make carrying it around any place any animal lover would want to go much easier. You can even use this with your dog for walks and such as it also has a harness you can attach to the pet for safety purposes.

7. A Dog Bed

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Every dog should have their bed, and here's a gift that will let them feel right at home. This is another tool that will help your dog keep clean while drinking from water bowls. This happens because it comes with a blanket-like removable pad that allows you to wash the whole thing in the washer! It also comes in a few different sizes so that you can get a comfortable fit for your friend with four legs.

8. A Horse Or Other Pet Lover's Calendar

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Here's an awesome gift for anyone who loves horses or any other animal like that. This is a wall calendar that illustrates such a thing in full color. There is one for each of the twelve months, and it comes with plenty of space for marking important days such as birthdays or appointments.

9. A Pet Leash

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This is another useful gift that any pet lover would appreciate. It's an adjustable dog leash that can be used on almost any type of dog by making it longer or shorter, depending on your pet's size. It comes complete with a comfortable handle and also has reflective strips so you can see your dog in the dark!

10. A Pet Tag

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One of the most important things you can give to anyone with a pet is a pet tag. This can be for your pets or someone else's and let them know exactly where they are at all times. It comes with specific instructions on using it, but generally, they are pretty simple and easy to read. It's extremely useful though, so you should get one if you love animals.

11. A Pet Bowl For Your Cat

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For cat owners who want to keep their pets from getting too tired, this is an excellent gift for them because it helps them remain active if they can't get out and play during the day. It has no weight limit either and will fit almost any size of a cat.

12. Animal Paws Socks

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These socks are a great item for any pet owner who wants to help their pets stay warm. Cats and dogs love the feel of itchy wool on their feet after a nice warm bath, and these socks are exactly what they need. They come in several different styles so you can pick the one you think best fits your friend's lifestyle, and they come in several different colors so you can find something that complements whatever color your friend's fur is as well.

13. Animal Print T-Shirt

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Give your friend some more of that animal love with this awesome shirt. It's a great way to show some of the unique personalities of your favorite pet while also looking stylish at the same time. This is another great gift for your friend that will help them look their best while also keeping them warm and cozy at the same time. It's a great way to show how much you care about all of their personality traits.

14. A Dog Collar

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Whether you have a dog or cat, one important part of their everyday routine is bringing them around their masters or other family members, whether indoors or outdoors. A dog collar can help them do this while also keeping them safe at the same time. 

It prevents them from getting lost and helps them to feel comfortable during the day no matter where they are. It also helps when they get excited or otherwise acts out. This will help keep their attention on you and not anything around them so that they don't hurt themselves by running into something or causing mischief.

15. Animal Print Hoodies

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Hoodies are fluffy clothing that your friend can wear to keep them warm and comfortable at the same time. They come in more stylish designs than you would expect as well, so they are sure to look good enough to be worn out on the town while also being warm enough for them to stay cozy under their covers on cold nights.

16. Animal Candle Sets

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If you want your friend to have a little bit of their favorite animal with them at all times, this is a great way to do it without having to worry about damaging their furniture or anything else around the house if they happen to set it on fire. These candles come in a variety of different scents and styles so that your friend can feel like they are at home no matter where they find themselves.

17. Animal Blanket

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Prefer something a bit fancier? Then animal blankets are for you! This type of blanket might be more helpful to people who have animals that use blankets as bedding, but it is still a great gift if they don't just need one blanket. They come in different styles, and both men and women can enjoy having them around as well. Even if your friend doesn't have furry pets, these blankets make a lovely gift to anyone who just wants to take their fuzzy friends out for the day.

18. Animal Pillow

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Pillows have become very popular for decorating rooms in recent years, so these animal pillows make great gifts. They come in many different sizes, too, so you can find one that fits the theme of your loved one's living space, and be sure they will love it too!

19. Animal Lovers Jewelry

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Animal lovers everywhere have realized that animal products like fur and leather are cruel to animals, so knowing that someone you care about doesn't support these industries is very important. So help your friend spread the word by gifting them with these super cute Animal Lovers Jewelry pieces. They're a fantastic way to promote veganism!

20. Animal Lovers Notebook

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No matter what kind of notebook your friend uses, they'll love you for this gift if you know that they're an Animal Lover. They can use it to keep track of everything from recipes to their favorite animal names, and it will make them feel like they have a little bit of their favorite pet with them wherever they go.

21. Animal Toy Ball

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In the same vein as the previous item, this is also an excellent gift for an animal lover on top of being a toy lover. This ball comes in several different sizes, so you can get the right fit for your friend who has small or large dogs or cats!

22. Animal Themed Bags

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These bags are great gift ideas for anyone who loves animals and is also a fan of the functionality that a messenger bag has to offer. You can find these bags in different sizes so that you can get a size that fits your friend's stature perfectly, or else you can get one that fits all their stuff. Most of them come with adjustable straps for easy fitting into any vehicle or hotel room because they're flexible!

23. Animal Shaped Bookmarks

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For animal lovers everywhere, this bookmark is an excellent gift idea! It comes in several different shapes and sizes so that it fits perfectly with the animal lover's style while also acting as a friendly little reminder to go back to when they start reading.

24. Animal Coloring Books

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If your friend needs something to do while they're not busy with their pets or anything else, this coloring book is a great idea! It's a soft cover made from recycled paper that allows your friend to color in their favorite animals and then display them to show how much they care for the animal kingdom around them.

25. Animal Themed Coffee Mugs

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That's right; these are animal coffee mugs for all of the animal lovers out there! Not only are these mugs another thing for your friend to help them display their love of animals, but they're also great things for them to use every morning when it's time to get up and go.

26. Animal Pendant Necklaces

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If you're not sure what to get for someone who loves animals, try a pendant that has a picture of an animal or the animal in question on it! These animal pendants are stylish and come in many different colors so that your friend can match them up perfectly with their outfits and such without having to worry about whether or not they find it attractive themselves.


There you have it, a whole list of things to consider when giving gifts to animal lovers. While it may seem like these are the hardest animal lovers to find, I can guarantee that you will find some that would love any one of these gifts! 

I'm sure that you'll be surprised at how many of your friends are animal lovers and how they'll all appreciate the gifts on this list. If you have any suggestions yourself, please leave a comment below to all learn from each other!

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