23 Retro Gifts That You Will Love

June 3, 2021
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There are always new trends and new present ideas that come out each year. But if you're looking for a cute, unique, and retro gift to give somebody this holiday season, then taking a look at this list might help. I hope that you find these ideas helpful.

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1. Oven Mitts

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Yes, these are really useful! And if someone hasn't heard of these before, then they're still missing out. They're also charming, and they look very similar to oven mitts but have a little more character and flair to them. It's not something you would find in a store unless you had one made explicitly for your oven. 

But since you will be making them yourself, you can get creative with it. Maybe have some embroidery or perhaps decorative snaps on the oven mitts. This is something that I think is unique, and it's sure to be appreciated by the recipient if he/she receives it from you as a gift this year.

2. Wool Sock Blanket with Embroidery

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This is something that you might not think of right away as a Christmas present. But I think that it's an adorable idea if you're looking for something to give someone and you aren't sure what to get or what they might be interested in. 

You can make it with any kind of color combination or maybe with some fabulous sequins on it. Corduroy is the material that will be used for this pattern, and the wool attracts heat, so it's hot. It has four points on the corners and four circular poms on each side; these are preferably for tying on for carrying like a bag.

3. Vintage Scarf and Hat

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This is really unique. It's a little bit more retro, but it's still very cute. It's much warmer than a regular scarf, so if somebody gets this as a gift from you, I'm sure they'll appreciate that. The hat is made with black tricot fabric. 

The square on the side is made with the same pattern but with black sequins in the center, and the gray fluff balls around it make it look like fur. The pattern for the scarf is made out of wool, but there are other fabrics that you can use as well. You just have to get creative when choosing them.

4. Home Decor Pillows

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Cute, vintage-inspired pillows? Yes, please. How do you think people could get such a cute retro-chic style if they didn't have any throw pillows? That's what makes it even better. I'm sure that the person who receives this as a gift will appreciate it. 

You can make them out of any kind of fabric or material you want, and I'm sure they'll like the outcome and appreciate the gift more than they would have if you hadn't tried making your version of these retro throw pillows.

5. Wool Felt Applique Blocks and Pillows

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This idea is something that's really cool. It's something that you would usually see in a modern design or a country house. But this item is retro too, and I think it's unique. It's kind of like going back to the 50s with the homey piece of furniture, but it still has an updated look to it. So, of course, you can always edit this with newer designs or newer materials, and I'm sure the person who receives this will appreciate that.

6. Handmade Socks

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This is perfect for the holidays. I'm sure that if you're trying to get someone a gift and it's not very easy for you to find one that they would want, this is an excellent option for them. You can make any kind of pattern on it, but I think you should include some ornament or maybe even some embroidery. Everyone seems to love socks, and the person who receives this will appreciate them.

7. Vintage Trinket Box

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This is something that's a little bit retro, but it's very cute. It's a bit collectible, and it does come with some nice engravings on it. But the pattern on the front is something that you would typically see out of a pair of old jeans or old pants or maybe on vintage shirts and jackets. It goes really well with anything that has some kind of texture to it, and I'm sure that you can find something like this for your trinket box in an antique shop somewhere.

8. Vintage Lace Trimmed Pillow

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This is an adorable pillow, and it's not too difficult to make. It's just straight lace around the outside with little buttons on the corners. You can use any kind of material for this, but if you use any type of cotton lace or denim and put it over a white pillow, I think it would look charming and fresh. 

But you can always change up the pattern a little bit if you want to, maybe make your design with machine embroidery or anything else that you deem fit.

9. Vintage Pin Cushion

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This is something that is very vintage-inspired and very retro-chic looking. It reminds me of something you would see out of a Minnie mouse cartoon or something along those lines. It's effortless yet very cute. 

You can use any kind of fabric that you want to, and it will look great if you pair it with a lovely wool pincushion. The nice thing about this is that it has a little bit of padding for when you put the pins in, and then the fabric around the outside gives it some texture.

10. Vintage-Inspired Umbrella

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This last project is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time walking from place to place, especially in the rain or even just on rainy days, because this will make your life so much easier for sure. This is very simple to make, and it looks vintage-inspired, but it's something that you can easily make at home with your personal touch and make it look like something you bought from a store. 

Take a look at this for yourself and let me know what you think. I know there are quite a few projects on this list for the holidays, but I think these are great gifts to give to anyone who might be challenging to shop for.

11. Vintage Style Tree Topper

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You can use any kind of material that you like to make this little tree topper. The first thing that you would do is you'd take a piece of ribbon. I think it would be best if it's silver ribbon instead of gold and tie it around the branch at the top. 

And then, when you put your tree in the Christmas display, it will look nice with this little piece glowing on top. Then at the bottom, there's a little scissor fob so that everyone knows what year it is.

12. Vintage Tie Clip Necklaces

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These are really simple and easy to make. You just take a nice silver tie clip, and then from your favorite vintage brooch, you can hang it from there.

13. Crystal Brooch

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Brooches are kind of like the jewelry you should wear on top of your clothing because it's something that will stay in place, you can use them to hold in any kind of scarf, and it'll look really nice. This one is straightforward, and I think you could probably have this project finished by the end of today if you were planning to make a Christmas gift for someone special. So let me know what you think about this one, these are easy to make.

14. Wooden Snowflake Ornament

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This is the kind of ornament that you would use on the tree, or it can be put on your desk at school or something like that. So you’re going to take the snowflake as I said before, you're going to take a piece of wood, and then you're going to use a hole punch so that the hole is big enough for the snowflake rod. 

And then sand down the edges so that they are entirely smooth and nice-looking because if you just have jagged edges, they don't look appealing at all.

15. Retro Records

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Vintage records are an excellent gift for a friend who loved vinyl. You can find a wide variety of titles, including jazz, blues, folk, and rock.

16. A Vintage Camera

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Some people love old cameras; for many, they have an admiration that goes beyond the physical object to the process of making it with your own hands. Vintage cameras come in all shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find one that they'll enjoy! They're also relatively easy to find in thrift shops and on eBay, making them affordable.

17. A Vintage Book

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If they love books, you might want to consider giving them a vintage one. There are many different types of covers, and some even have exciting illustrations. You can also talk to them about their favorite books and strike up an agreement on what you'll read together.

18. A Vintage T-Shirt

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Everyone has a favorite t-shirt, so this is your chance to surprise someone with the shirt they wore in high school or that they bought just because it was cool that year. Of course, you’ll also have to use your imagination a little, but there are a lot of great vintage t-shirts out there, so don't be afraid to go exploring, and you'll find some that look like they came from the early 1980s!

19. A Vintage Rocks CD

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Similar to t-shirts, you'll need to imagine the era when many of these albums were released, but they're usually nostalgic and cool. You can even find some old-school bands that you didn't realize had been around for decades!

20. A Vintage Coin or Currency Collection

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It doesn't matter if it's monies from the 60s or 80s; coins and currency are always interesting for people who enjoy it. You don't have to limit yourself to US money either; there's a good chance that they'll enjoy coins from any country that you can find them on.

21. A Classic Movie Poster

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Vintage movie posters often look amazing, and they're pretty easy to come by at thrift stores, flea markets, and auctions at really reasonable prices. If you're feeling particularly creative, you could even try to find a way to customize your poster that they'll enjoy discovering when they open the gift.

22. A Vintage Wristwatch

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Wristwatches are used for telling time in most of the world today, but there was a time when people wore wristwatches for their style. They were also much harder to mass-produce, and this is why most vintage watches are valuable now. If you know someone who loves watches or fashion history, then they'll probably enjoy this gift.

23. A Vintage Magazine

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Many people love magazines, especially if they're vintage. You can find some amazing artwork and advertisements in these magazines, and you might even get a chance to learn some history from it.


Of course, there are other kinds of gifts, but most of these ideas still work. While you're looking, though, be sure to look for ideas that are special to their interests too. Don't get them another watch if they already have a few, but a movie poster might be right up their alley.

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